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Sunshine on my shopping bag, makes me happy.
June 17, 2005

Had a very lovely lunch down on the Plaza today – Panera’s strawberry poppy seed chicken salad. *cough*And did a little shopping*cough*

But in my defense? The shoes and the purse would have been $225 (with tax) if they hadn’t been on sale. But they WERE. And (including tax) I bought both
shoes (in Navy) and handbag (in black) for $89. (I’m so not going to be allowed to go to lunch on the Plaza again.)

Also, you should read my
99 things entry. I’m a narcissist.

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Kicking a Dead Horse


ew ew ew ew ew. So I guess Katie Holmes has gone and completely lost her mind. Not only has she drank the Koolaid, now she's marrying the nut job. And somebody please explain why I keep following this train wreck of a publicity stunt??

In other news, the Disney crap last night wasn't so bad - but then the kiddo punked out early and we left after Intermission.

Tonight: Longhorn v. Longhorn in the Majors. Clemens ('Stros) v. Howell (Royals) duke it out. Considering the streaks the Royals and Astros have had, it could be an interesting game. I realize that its legend v. rookie, but hey. Buddy Bell. Seems to be doing the trick. How did I get suckered into liking baseball?

Also? I updated the "get to know me" link to link to a 99 things about me list. I've seen it done a number of times on other blogs, (hi midwestgrrl!) but never compiled one for myself. So go read that if you are looking for something else to do on a Friday.

I did NOT go to the gym this morning. And I DID have a mocha for breakfast. And I WILL be going out for lunch. And I AM wearing open-toed shoes to work today. I AM a nerd for thinking this makes me a rebel (and FOR the silly use of capitalization).

Oh- But I did get a real-in-person interview at the competitor company for next week. *SQUEEE* Wish me luck!

12 more days til vacation!

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June 16, 2005

Of course news would imply newsworthy, but honestly, since momma taught me not to curse in mixed company I couldn't very well title the entry "shit that happened." But there I go with the cursing, anyway. Can't take me anywhere, sheesh.

So the recruiter finally called back last night - only now that they've seen my whole resume and position titles, they have an even BETTER role they want to talk to me about. One that would have me doing my bosses' job at a competitor. *squee* As much as I am tired of this industry, it would be a big-fat fuck-you to she whose voice grates on my ever-livin' last nerve.

Otherwise, I just balanced my checkbook. Uhm, we spend an awful lot of money on booze. How depressing. (Or How Fun! either way..)

Tonight I'm taking Bug to see some Disney schlock at the Starlight. I know she'll be absolutely thrilled to be going (sans little sister) which is my only motivation for taking her. I can't think of a worse hell than 3 hours (that doesn't start until 8:30.. who planned THIS shit??) of sitting outside in the heat and humidity with an audience FULL of small children who should probably be going to bed about the time the curtains rise. And I actually enjoy Disney musicals.

In other events (not news..) I did NOT get up and go to the gym this morning. Last night we watched the Royals beat the Dodgers (whose team is this? it's certainly not the Royals.. with the winning) and then had to sit out on the deck (nice and breezy last night) drinking cocktails with our neighbors. So I stayed up too late, and then couldn't sleep well last night (I have a HORRIBLE song that played on repeat in my brain ALL DAMN NIGHT - that Eminem Ass Like That song..). So when the alarm went off this morning, it was a slightly different conversation ...

Brain: hey - somebody turn off that damn alarm, I'm sleeping here.
Arm: got it. *turns the alarm off - not snooze, not reset, off.*
2 hours pass
Me: *stretch* what time is it?
Whole body: oh holy hell. we're late. MOVE MOVE MOVE.

So here I am, at work, actually productive for a few hours this morning. Except that hour or so it took to balance the checkbook, pay bills, and think about how much of our money we're pissing away (literally.. and in TBG's case, so refined, off the deck into the grass when he thinks no one is paying attention.)

Too much sharing?
Ok. 13 more days.

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June 15, 2005

Did you know that Limbo is actually Dante's first ring of hell? Described as (roughly) a green, lush meadow of sadness. That sorta sums it up for me today, only not so much sad but restless and bored. Ennui. But only 14 more days til vacation.

Anyway, work is clothes-rendingly dull. Sure, I have projects, but not enough to keep me busy really (I suppose if I were being honest with myself, I have plenty of things to do, I just dont' want to do them).

So I've had to amuse myself by reading the archives of a couple of bloggers (gah, I just hate that word, but what else to use that isn't just as twee?). All I have to add to that is: please, for the love of pete, please update more regularly. And leave comments for me that let me know you were here so I can stalk you too. And say sweet things to me. sweet. cake. mmmmmm.

Which reminds me, I did make it to the gym again this morning, although it was a passionate battle of wills (me v. my brain) when the alarm went off:

Brain: Look, the alarm is off, you're already awake, your gym bag is packed - the hard part is over, just get up!
Me: NGgahha
Brain: Just think how proud of yourself you'll be if you make it to the gym 3-days running!
Me: tbaljxlkj
Brain: Perhaps if you're doing so well at the gym, then you deserve a treat?
Me: akflgglkas .. wait did you say..treat?
Brain: Yes, but nothing fattening like chocolate - just something that says "hey I got up and went to the gym"
Me: chocolate treat? yes. good idea *springs from the bed*
Brain: uh. okay. good. gym, thats a good first step.

So you see, gym (check) healthy breakfast (check) healthy lunch (*ahem* the brownie was healthy... that's right and it has eggs in it. protein! and flour. grain! and milk. dairy! (insert old Bill Cosby routine here....)).

Won't somebody please entertain me so I'll stop talking to myself?

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June 14, 2005

So, being the media junky that I am, I was reading CNN this afternoon and a particularly funny thing caught my attention. In the story regarding the missing Aruba girl:
Meanwhile, the mother of 18-year-old Natalee Holloway told CNN Tuesday she believes the investigation into her daughter's disappearance was "proceeding forward."
Anybody else think that maybe the reporter was not-so-subtly highlighting the hick-factor of the mom? Is it possible to proceed backwards?

Nothing else going on in my world. Made it to the gym this morning. Hate work as usual. Still no call back from the recruiter though. Bleh - perhaps he got the message this morning and thought it was about tomorrow instead of about today. Who knows?

Other funny: (tee-hee)

15 more days til vacation.

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June 13, 2005

I can't believe Michael Jackson was acquitted. I guess if you're going to accuse a celebrity of those types of charges, you'd better be BEYOND reproach. Ah well - maybe the media circus can focus on something more important. Like "What's with Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes?" Cuz shudder that almost gives me the heebie jeebies as much as the thought of ol' MJ molesting little boys. This topic has, of course, been done to death so I'll avoid kicking the dead horse further.

In other news - one of my company's primary competitors in this local market contacted me* for a product management position. It would be an interesting twist to my career development. Not sure what I think of it. My mentor advised me to just go with it and see what they have to say/offer and then decide whether I'm interested. Good advice as I'm always curious to know whether the grass is greener. A couple of things trouble me - #1 they're a smaller company and #2 its a tad incestuous for comfort to go to that particular competitor. Obviously the right $ and the right position with the right potential makes the ickyness quite dim.

*No, I'm not dumb - my resume is posted anonymously with no names, or company titles posted - they contacted me via the job site, having no knowledge of me personally - just my credentials.

Otherwise, the hunt continues - no major nibbles lately although I did get called by a recruiter wanting to know if I was willing to move to Alabama. (Not unless they wanted to make me the CEO and give me THAT salary). It's always nice to be asked to dance, I suppose.

The Big Guy is home cooking me (and our neighbors) dinner tonight. He is a grill-master. Tonight's menu is new and different. Beer Can Chicken?? We'll see - he's never had a miss on the grill, so I'm sure it'll be fine. I do love it when he's home during the day, though. It means I come home to a grilled dinner (usually quite healthy since its just meat and vegetables) and with very little cleanup required (since .. outside.. grill.. etc.).

20 more minutes - wonder what else I can do to waste time today?

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Pampered Guilt Trip


Y'all, my whole body hurts. After 2 weeks of ignoring the gym, I decided to rejoin the world of the active by doing a little yardwork yesterday. Apparently there is a large tree growing right up in the middle of my Rose of Sharon. With this torrential downpour-blazing sunshine-torrential downpour (repeat) weather pattern, the lawn is a veritable jungle and the weeds in my poor neglected flower beds are actually growing BARK. So anyway, I swam out to the front porch (humidity) and pruned the hell out of all the vines and weeds and nasty stuff. There was a particularly ugly vine that I was suspicious of (very poison ivy looking) but it turned out to be Virginia Creeper. Anyway - I still suffered through the process in long sleeved shirt, long pants, knee high socks and the thickest work gloves I could pilfer from the Big Guy. I'd rather sweat and ache than itch. ANY DAY.

Anyway, long story short, I am a bit sore this morning from the yanking and digging. So I figured I'd go visit my old friends, the circuit machines, this morning so I can maybe get back in the routine. I also weighed myself and was shocked to discover that I'd not put on any pounds in the last several weeks. I mean I'm not at my lowest weight, but I'm not back where I started either. So thats a good thing!

The other highlight of my weekend was the Pampered Chef party I attended. Of course, I need more kitchen gadgets like I need a hole in my head, but the hostess is an absolute doll of a friend who I never get to visit with. Not only did I buy stuff, (and yes, I bought stuff) but I also *ahem* signed up to host a party in September. I guess at least the house will get a thorough cleaning that weekend. The Pampered Consultant told me to invite 40 people because at least 1/2 won't attend. 40? Really? I don't know 40 people and if I had 20 women crowded into my kitchen, it would be an honest-to-God clusterfuck in there. So if you get an invitation from me in September, you better show up and be gracious when I plop you down at a card table on a rickety fold up chair. I'm hoping my mom will come up and help me make the yard more presentable too. What blooms (or is still blooming) in September in Zone 5/6 that I'm not too late to plant? Also I better schedule Sears to come shampoo the carpet again. I should start a list. A LIST! (It's a sickness, the list making. And I love a legitimate reason for a list.)

Otherwise, I watched several movies this weekend: Team America, Ocean's Twelve, Emma, Sideways, The Prince and Me, and all of the Sex in the City episodes in the last season (God Bless Video on Demand). I honestly think I enjoyed Emma best (even though I loathe Gwynneth Paltrow and think Ewan McGregor could annoy the paint right off a wall). Sideways was good, but it was a little darker than I was expecting.

Okay - so its Monday morning, better get busy. Only 16 days til vacation. Hooray!

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