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25 Things About 1 Girl
January 01, 1990

1. I was named after the song "Oh Susannah" and it totally annoys me when people sing it, but what are you gonna do?

2. I have lived in 6 states: Texas, Pennsylvania, California, Washington, Kansas, Missouri

3. My parents got married at ages 18/19 and had me at 19/20. They are still married. 

4. Our family joke is that "we grew up together."

5. I left the University of Texas in 1994 with one degree shy of graduation. It took me 6 years to go back to finish up, but I graduated from U.T. in 2000. I was living in Washington at the time (the commute was a bitch!)

6. I have a degree in Political Science with a minor in Spanish and I never had any intention of pursuing a career in either field.

7. I studied Architectural Engineering at UT for 2.5 years and had grand plans of designing beautiful buildings..until I did an internship and realized that my degree basically would qualify me to color in the drawings of the guys that designed the beautiful buildings.

8. I qualified for and joined Mensa in 2000 just to prove to an ego I was dating that it wasn't that hard to get in. Then I cancelled my membership when they asked for annual renewal dues. I'm pretty sure this makes me smarter than most Mensa members.

9. My first pet was a beagle named Banjo. I named him after the lyrics of "Oh Susannah" when I was about 3.

10. I drink about 32 oz of coffee every day, all before about 11 am.  

11. I'm an early morning person to an embarrassing degree. I would rather be up at 4:30 and to sleep by 9. This gives me license to behave like a senior citizen and shake my head at "these kids these days". It also means I don't see bands/shows like I used to.

12. My go to in a bar is "Rye & Diet" - although if I'm being budget conscious and the house well isn't rotgut, sometimes I keep it simple with just Bourbon.

13. I lettered in High School. Yep. In THEATRE. Despite never acting in a single production. I got my letter jacket in Spring of 1989. Just a month or so before graduation. Which means, in Houston, it was already about 90 degrees. I never wore the jacket. I think it's in a closet at my parents' house and probably still smells like pleather.

14. If I'm having trouble getting to sleep at night, I calculate in my head how much the Powerball would be after taxes, with cash payout, and what might be my absolute very first purchase. 

15. In my life, I've probably spent a grand total of $10 on the Powerball. 

16. I never went to my high school homecoming games. Our school didn't have dances until my senior year - so it was just the football game and a ridiculously expensive mum. 

17. I have gone under the tattoo gun 5 times. I have 2 tattoos to show for it. The ill-advised Eye of Horus and inkblot-like Felix the cat were covered by the first 3 sunflowers - then later made into a chain of sunflowers around my ankle. I also have an Ankh. I went through an Egypt phase, what can I say?

18. In high school, I pierced my left ear 2 additional times (3 holes) with a safety pin. Ater college, I had my nose pierced on 2 separate occasions - once professionally done, and once by a guy with a safety pin (just to reopen the hole).

19. I took out the nose piercing when my mother, in a moment of patience and wisdom, showed up to meet me wearing a clip-on earring on her nose. In public. Just to show me how silly I looked. She was right. She often is.

20. Yes, this is my natural hair color. I like to pretend those are platinum highlights, and I'd appreciate it if you'd humor me and play along.

21. My dad plays every instrument you can imagine and has a professional recording studio in Austin. My mom sings and plays guitar. My DNA is completely devoid of musical talent. I can't hold a tune in a bucket, but I love to sing and do it frequently -- and with gusto. A+ for effort!

22. I was engaged twice. Married once, for the first time, at 32.  I am no longer married.

23. I had my tonsils out at age 30. On September 14th, 2001. The recovery was pretty tough - so was being zonked out on pain killers during most of the news coverage of the 9/11 events. Side note: My surgeon had to take a bus from Denver and my mom had to drive to Kansas City from Houston in order to be there for the surgery since flights were cancelled.

24. My cats are named after TV characters - Fanny Bryce (Funny Girl) and Gracie Lou Freebush (Miss Congeniality).  Although Gracie was originally for Grace Kelly, she was less uh.. graceful.. than that and it got changed.

25. I believe in Retrograde Mercury. Go on, look it up.

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