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August 04, 2005

Yes, this is me lowing like a sheep - sheepishly returning to the world of the responsible after these many weeks. If it makes the 3 of you feel any better, I've not been to the gym either. And I forgot my best friends' birthday until 2 days later. And I forgot 2 meetings I was supposed to go to at work. And I blame it all on retrograde mercury. And being lazy.

But much has happened:
  1. Jobs. I didn't get the position at my old company - evidently not enough of a specific type of experience, but considering that they called me the day before my interview and gave me a 5-page document to review and then create a 5 page presentation from - OVERNIGHT, knowing full well I'm currently employed and can't work on that stuff at work.. its probably just as well. Sounded a bit like they were desperately clinging to the idea of a miracle worker. So oh well, no real hard feelings there at all. Still waiting to hear back from competitor company - had 2nd interview with their HR person who then responded to my thank you note with a "thank you, glad you're interested, we'll get back to you next week." Which in the email the tone was sounding a bit like "don't call us - we'll call you". So who knows? I do still have 2 other irons in the fire, but they've not panned out just yet to be anything worth mentioning.
  2. Birthdays. Woop! My birthday was Monday, and I've been celebrating all week. So far I've had cake and cupcakes and birthday barbecue, lunch at Cheesecake factory from the girls at work, sushi with TBG, movie (Wedding Crashers, loved it), pool party, and fabulous massage. Have pedicure from girlfriend still to look forward to, another movie (yay AMC gift cards!) and full license from TBG to spend some cash this weekend on a much-needed brow wax, hair cut, and whatever other little pamper-y spa things tickle my fancy. The downside of all of this is that I'm now in my mid-30s. Am no longer a child, young girl, young professional, or any other incarnation of the word young. Stay tuned for my inevitable mid-life crisis.
  3. Family and friends. I have neglected most of them horribly, but trying to make amends slowly by picking up the phone and actually dialing it. Planning a mini-vacation to Seattle in October to visit neglected best friend, found out that one friend had a WHOLE DANG BABY since the last time I talked to her. so that uhm.. roughly translates to " has it really been more than 9 months since we got together, I totally didn't even know you were pregnant!" Ahem. I'm a terrible friend. Also reaching out to highschool and college pals that I've also neglected recently. Mom is coming to visit in September, yippie! I am SO looking forward to seeing her.
  4. Summertiiiiimme. and the living is lazy. Have not hit the gym even once since before vacation but have had 5 or 6 trips to the inlaws' swimming pool for paddling about. Have also neglected to cook for the better part of July and August so far. So, because of pending trip, I've decided that starting today I'm banishing my inner summer-slacker. I stopped by the gym and got weighed and measured (yuk) and was pleasantly surprised that I kept some of the weight off. I will actually work out this evening and today begins anew my eating like a thin person, instead of eating my weight in cream of all varieties.

I think that sums it up. For now anyway.

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