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Productivity grinding to a screeching halt
June 23, 2005


Had lunch yesterday with the recruiter #3 - she even bought. I forgot that people "out in the real world" still had expense accounts. The position she's pitching me for, they're already checking references (3 of my 5 called yesterday) and I've not had a formal interview with the hiring manager yet. Anyone else think thats a little wierd?

Interview this morning at competitor went well, I think. Loved the most senior level boss - seems like alot of fun and someone I might fit well with "culturally." The immediate manager type also seemed like a good guy to have as your boss - real straightforward, really hands-off (in the good way), and spoke very highly of his team (good sign). He was a little dry though, and I did catch myself once kind've stammering out a cliche type comment. I hate when I do that - normally I'm a pretty good interview and can stay witty and confident without sounding cocky. I'm pretty sure I came off as "vacant" for that one moment. Maybe my credentials and the rest of the interview will be more prominent in his mind. Anyway - they just started their search (they hadn't even started going through resumes yet, other than mine, cuz duh) so it'll be a long time before I hear anything.

Recruiter #4 sent me an e-mail today (yes there is another new one) requesting more info on my skills. Still waiting to hear more about the position/company they want to pitch me for, but hey, when it rains, it pours, huh?

The big guy is home today doing laundry. I feel kinda bad and even told him I would do it this weekend, but he insisted. Brace yourself, but before that - he MOPPED. The other day he asked me what he needed to do today (since its the only day before vacation he has off) and I joked when I told him to mop (I was going to do it this weekend). I am sure he's trying to be helpful and feel useful, but really I'd rather him have rested up today and got himself prepped for the next 6 days of sheer hell at work. Plus now he's going to play that card forEVER. "yeah? Well I mopped last weekend, do I have to do EVERYTHING around here?" (maybe you get the picture?)

In other words, my productivity this afternoon has ground to a halt. So all you out there in Internet world: UPDATE! Thanks.

Only 6 more days til vacation.

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Same Shit Different Day
June 22, 2005

Turns out recruiter number 3's position is at a company I worked for prior to this one (its for the one I got laid off from - but different division) and is rather tasty. I'm pretty qualified for the position, it would get me back to where I want to be on salary, and the recruiter is very excited about putting me out there. I'm meeting her for lunch today, for our "face-to-face" meeting, although she's already sent my resume on to the hiring manager.

But then here is the kicker - today I logged into the job board, and there was my plum position being posted publicly (how alliterative!). Guh! I don't want to compete for the job - I want it to be handed to me - is that so hard to ask?? hee!

Anyway, there was another pretty juicy position posted today as well, that I could seriously compete for, as long as they overlook the "very little people-management experience" aspect. Otherwise, my energy/utility experience should at least get me the interview, I'm thinking.

All signs seem to be pointing overwhelmingly for me to stay corporate and not go agency. damn pantyhose.

In other news - I went shopping last night with my girlfriend K and played the role of personal shopper. I helped her spend like $270 in about 2 hours. Me? I came out of it with about $60 spent, but on 3 tops and a new visor. TBG pouted because I didn't buy him anything - could he be more of a kid? Ah well, he needs some new sunglasses, so I'm probably doing that this weekend. But no more spending until the trip, ya'hear? Promise.

Also? TBG had to fire one of his sales guys today. The guy was pretty cool early on, and I think TBG really ignored the problems for a little too long. But what this means is that this last week before our vacation, he's going to be working some pretty painful hours to cover the load. Should make for a golly-gee-fun start to the vacation as we take an already tired and cranky fella and put him in a car with 3 girls for 2 days. Fortunately we are taking our time to get down to Crystal Beach, so we can stop plenty and trade-off driving, but still. He already is cranky when he's cooped up in the car for too long. Maybe we should bring a flask for him for when we get to the hotel the first night.

Ok, rambling enough - 7 more days! (One week from tomorrow!!!)

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It continues to get interesting..
June 21, 2005

First, let me just say: 8 more days!


So the interview I have later this week? One of my favorite vendors is good friends with the guy that I'm interviewing with. I got a little bit more insight into the company - and my interest is definitely piqued. He's also going to put in a good word for me. They should be frothing with desire by the time I arrive. Hee!

Also on that front, another recruiter contacted me today. Although none have asked, I wonder if its poor form to work with 3 different recruiting companies? I had one recruiter that sent me on 2 very, very yummy interviews (one that I didn't get owing to lack of people management experience and one with the whole rigamarole with the president's referral getting it) but whom I've not heard from in months, one recruiter that has shopped me to 2 ad agencies (one of which I had already phone-interviewed with and decided that I'm overqualified, and one who hasn't called back yet) who actually stays in touch with me fairly regularly just to see how I'm doing, and now a 3rd recruiter with another position. In my mind, since I've not signed any exclusivity contracts, its all fair game. Right? Plus: always nice to be sought out.

Otherwise, I've hit a brief flurry of productivity at work. And its about damn time. My unwritten goal is to not only get all of my projects ready to go on vacation, but also to get my office/desk in order so nobody has to go ripping through my stuff to find anything. Which reminds me I better get to deleting personal stuff. This way #1: Nobody makes a mess out of my office/files in my absence. #2: Nobody finds anything personal that shows what a goof-off I've been at work these last few days weeks months. #3: Should I get an offer from competitor, I can just say sayonara with clear conscience. (If going to competitor, they will not let me give 2 weeks notice, they will escort my happy behind to the door pronto).

What else? Still no gym this week - I slept terribly last night - tossed and turned all night. So when the alarm went off this morning at 5:30, I just turned it off and went back to sleep. I noticed the Big Guy also had trouble sleeping last night. I think it may have been a bit warm in the bedroom - but that can't have been it alone. Possibly the caffeine?

Also, I watched "The Notebook" last night. I had low expectations, and yet I boo-hooed like a snot-nosed kid. TBG hugged me for approximately 45 seconds before making fun of me. Bastard. I just wanted a hug. *sniffle*

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Lies are just friends you haven't met
June 20, 2005

Ugh, so I just told a whopper so I could come in late to work the day of my interview. I just hate having to outright lie, but no one would ever get a new job without at least a little white one.

Lies I've told through this interviewing process, over the last 6 months:
  • (Todays): I'll be in late on Thursday because I'm taking the SUV to the dealership to have some work done before we go on vacation - I'll be in around 10.
  • Doctor's appointment
  • Husband's doctor appointment
  • Refinancing the house and have to go sign the paperwork (partially true as we were in the process, but didn't have to sign paperwork until like 7 pm)
  • Have to go pick the kid up from school, she's running a fever
  • I've also just taken the day off for nefarious "personal reasons"
  • I've also just planned them on days when my boss was out and just left my out-of-office message as "in a meeting"

What lies have you told to get out of work? Did they work?

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My husband likes his women like he likes his wine: Red and full of alcohol.


Well, I survived the weekend. My beloved 'Horns beat the Bears in the CWS and go on to play #1 Tulane today. The Royals only lost *2* in the series this weekend against a team almost as bad as themselves. And I witnessed one of those astounding losses in person, ala company picnic.

Yep, Saturday was my company picnic at the K. Took the kiddos for cheap bbq, and very very very expensive sodas (we spent $18 on 4 Pepsis) and then sat through a painful Royals' loss. Oh well, at least I sat with one of my girlfriends and her family. Her son is my future son-in-law. Seriously - he's a gorgeous kid and perfect for my little Bear. Pre-arranged marriages in 21st Century America, you heard it here.

Rounded up a busy Saturday with an even busier Sunday, trying to orchestrate a top-notch dad's day for the big guy. Let me break down the menu for you:

Breakfast: omelettes with steak, sauteed mushrooms & onions and colby cheese; homemade buttermilk biscuits, and sausage gravy
Lunch: smoked salmon and crab dip
Snack: chocolate chip cookies
Dinner: The most rockin' sangria ever and a paella/jambalaya type dish that had mussels, shrimp, scallops, sausage and chicken in it

Needless to say I was barefoot and in the kitchen most of the day. (Recipes follow) With refreshing his drinks all day with chilled pint glasses, waiting on his every whim, and several other 'perks', I'd say "operation spoil dad" day was complete. (Thankfully we can resume my rightful role as "she who rules the house" today). The girls did their part by not complaining when he turned the television away from cartoons, by letting us sleep til nearly 8:30, and by crawling into bed with us to snuggle quietly. (Although, Bug woke ME up at 8:30, not by a light tap tap tapping or whispers, but with a full-blown full-voice asking "can you get up and make breakfast?" I swear her pop must have put her up to that one.)

Spent a lovely evening last night out on the deck with several other couples, sipping sangria (and then margaritas when that ran out). Because of the late night/red wine, I skipped the gym. Perfect thing to do after that level of feasting this weekend. D'oH!

Anyway, recipes...

Crab dip
2 cans premium lump crab
2 bars cream cheese
1/2 red onion, finely diced
3 tbsp ketchup (yes, really)
as many 'gluts' of tobasco as you can stand (and it takes alot to taste it)
and a handful of shredded cheese
Mix that up real good in a mixer and put into a small casserole or a pie pan and sprinkle the top with a little more shredded cheese.
bake at 350 for about 15 minutes (til the cheese melts)
Serve on your favorite cracker and top with flaky hunks of smoked salmon

(Make this the night before you want to serve it)
2 limes (cut into thin slices)
2 lemons (thin slices)
1 orange (thin slices)
6 strawberries (thin slices)
About 1 liter cheapish red wine (I prefer using Gallo Merlot because it is berry/plum/cherry)
1 can Welch's fruit juice concentrate - I get the cherry one in the regular juice section.
1.5 liters of Sprite (1 now, 1/2 later)
1/4 cup lemon juice
Layer the fruit on the bottom of a VERY LARGE pitcher. Top with wine, cherry concentrate, 2/3 the sprite, lemon juice. Refrigerate. Before serving, add in the last of the sprite and stir up.

Emeril's Paellaya, Surly style
(Paella ingredients, cooked in the style of jambalaya, per Emeril's recipe; modified)
1/2 cup olive oil
6-8 chicken legs (1.75-2 lbs)
salt & pepper to taste
1 white onion
1 green bell pepper
4-5 cloves minced garlic
celery seed
3 cups uncooked white rice
1 lb sausage (andouille is best)
1 tbsp worcestershire sauce
8 bay leaves
tobasco (to taste)
cajun seasoning (to taste)
1 tbsp saffron (this is expensive stuff, but you can probably leave it out and still have a great dish)
2-12 oz cans italian plum tomatoes (seeded/peeled)
5 cups chicken broth
1 lb peeled, uncooked shrimp
2 lbs mussels, cleaned and de-bearded
1 lb bay scallops
Heat the olive oil in the bottom of a big stockpot. S&P the chicken legs and fry them on all sides til brown (about 4-6 mins). Add in onion, garlic, pepper, celery seed and let that sweat for 5 minutes. Add rice, sausage, worcest, tobasco, bay leaves, cajun seasoning, saffron and stir fry another 3-4 minutes. Then add the tomatoes and mix well for another 2 minutes. Add the broth and let it come back up to a boil (5-8 minutes). Once it begins to boil, stir it once more making sure to scrape the bottom, then cover and reduce heat for 15 minutes. Add in the seafood and stir well to embed the mussels and shrimp throughout. Cover again for 5 more minutes.

Discard the bay leafs and any mussels that don't open up. Serve in a big bowl with some frosty sangria! Note: If you decide to use clams, put them in about 5 minutes before the mussels/seafood. If you go with lobster, put them in about 10 minutes before seafood.

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