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July 19, 2005

So I have the “Half Blood Prince” sitting on my desk – just a few inches away, and I’m just dying to slide it open and read instead of working. I’m about half way into it. Just thought you’d want to know. I did have to re-read the last 50-60 pages or so of the Order of the Phoenix just to refresh my memory about what happened in the last one. If I’d been more patient, I would have liked to reread both Goblet of Fire AND Order of the Phoenix in their entireties before I started this one…. But I just am too much like a kid to have actually planned that in advance. Maybe when I’m finished, I’ll go back.

Speaking of books, tonight is my book club meeting – we’re supposed to have read “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” but as the library had leant out its only copies, I never picked it up. And the thought of going to book club has no appeal – as much as I enjoy these gals immensely (and would probably on any other occasion go), when I could instead be finishing up HP, unbothered (TBG is working late) and unapologetically (I tend to get absorbed to the complete and utter detriment of anything going on around me).

In other news – I am slightly less pale today. My skin is behaving ever so remotely like a tan persons.’ I took the girls to the pool on Saturday and apparently did not have as good of coverage with my Coppertone Continuous Spray sunscreen (SPF 30, natch’) as I’d thought. My shoulders and chest got a wee pink. Then Sunday at the lake, I just wore a t-shirt (lake shirt) all day, but all the pink had mostly faded. Go me! My freckles must be starting to run together.

And that, in a nutshell, was my weekend. Oh, Friday night we went to a restaurant by our house that is relatively new (Ted’s Montana Grill). We got seated and must have sat there for nearly 15 minutes without getting waited on (meanwhile all the people around us were getting service). We gave up and decided to go someplace else and were half way through the parking lot to the car when the manager (and district/corporate rep?) came running out apologizing profusely. They convinced us to come back and give them another chance, offering to buy our dinner for us. I felt sooo guilty. They completely kissed our hides all night. Needless to say we tipped the waiter well. I’m still feeling slightly guilty. They probably didn’t need to buy our dinner, but at the same time, now I can confidently say that the food was pretty good and the service (once we actually got it) was excellent. Perhaps word-of-mouth marketing does work?

Also in the surly household news? I’m not pregnant. *(the rest of this paragraph may be TMI, so move on if you’re concerned about that)* Not that I’m trying to be (quite the opposite actually), but I was a bit concerned for awhile there. My plumbing has always been a little on the unreliable side (and so have always been on the pill to keep it regular), but with last years borderline blood pressure issues, my doctor and I agreed I should go off of it for a year to see if that helped. It did (Combined with diet and exercise and finally not giving a rat’s patootey about work anymore) so I was waiting to start the pill packs again, except I went 3-count’em-3 months with nothing. I finally decided I had better check things out, just in case TBG had a swimmer that was latex-kryptonite. Anyway the whole day (I was going to take the test when I got home) I was imagining having to have that conversation. I was also imagining actually being pregnant – and whether I was interested in that or not. And I could see myself blogging about it and getting all gooey about babies and the way their heads smell and GAAAAAH my ovaries are kicking into gear as we speak. But yeah, I really don’t want to add to our herd, so was also a bit freaked out. Anyway, only a single line, so was a bit relieved and disappointed both. For good measure, my body finally decided to cycle 3 days later. I didn’t get any tell-tale moodiness or bloating (although I did get a bit tender), so I must be pretty out of touch. That close to cycle, I should have known it was coming. All in all the good news is that now my plumbing can be regular and I can sell my stock in Trojan now. That’s a lot of personal info isn’t it? Oh well. Currently I am all KINDS of uncomfortable and bitchy, so maybe its just DMS (During….) for me.

As for the ever-present job-hunt, my old stomping grounds have scheduled a follow up interview for a week from tomorrow. Huzzah! Last – there are 3 cookies on a napkin at the edge of my desk taunting me. I’m trying to wait until 3 so that I am not all snacky and ravenous when I get home tonight. Ta!

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