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April 29, 2005

I've had a whole week of indignities, and I've still not heard about my new job. So instead of a meaningful post? I'll let you peek into what I've done with myself this afternoon:

AlienFur - Because a geeky redhead? I'm there.
Antigeist - Another redhead, and a smart mouth.
ANTM Elyse - America's Third or Fourth from the Top Model.
Bad News Hughes - Be sure to read Uncle Patrick's advice .
Blurbomat - The other half of Dooce.
Briantology - Southern Rock.
Brooks - Photography exhibits.
Chez Miscarriage - Smartmouthed and Smart.
Crazy Aunt Purl - Smartmouthed Southerner. Sensing a theme?
Defective Yeti - Entertaining and Informative.
Dooce - Needs no introduction.
Estella (Out of Character) - MS Paint for amusement.
Fussy - If you say those words, I will learn them.
Geese Aplenty - For my amusement.
James' Semaphoria - I bet I would have had to meet her when I lived in Olympia.
James' Bob Blog - And now she's gonna be a mama.
Le Petit Hiboux - Smartmouthed New Yorker, but shorter.
Learning Curves - Would only that I took HER for calculus instead.
Little Yellow Different - In lieu of content, I'll settle for links.
Mighty Girl - Smartmouth. Smart. Sassy.
Mimi Smartypants - The true adventures of...
Mistress of One - Smartmouthed New Yorker.
Nerdygirl - Smartmo.. oh hell, you probably figured that out by now.
Que Sera Sera - I wish I lived in NYC so I could stalk her.
Sheets & Blankets - Madame Librarian, where DID you get those cateye glasses?
Tequila Mockingbird - Was alot more entertaining when she posted regularly.
The Smitten - Still trying to figure out her employer so I can have my dream job too.
Tidbits of Drama - My newest Southern smartmouth read.
Weetabix - Foxy cleavage, hello!
WJKS - Another new Southern smartmouth read. And she's NOT a secretary.

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April 27, 2005

Well I had a lovely weekend - full of bad behavior and now I'm paying for it in many ways.

On Friday evening, I wound up eating too much of the buttery garlic bread with spaghetti for dinner, and then the bad weekend truly began. The girls and I did some power shopping on Saturday, where upon I had a frappucino for breakfast, General Tso's chicken for lunch along with 3.5 crab rangoon, and then had a piece of cake (granted, it was smalllll) and THEN had a rather large portions at dinner. However, we walked a great deal on Saturday so I imagine perhaps that I worked off ONE of the rangoon. And I spent a bit too much money, but whats to be done? I needed both of those pairs of shoes. Because fat girls love to shop for shoes.

Sunday morning, I sat out on the deck and gave myself a pedicure - in the warm sunshine. The bad part is where I put on this lotion that is like 50% almond oil while I was out there. Ever slather oil on a peice of tender meat and then expose it to a radiant heat source? Yep - I deep fat fried my legs. As the day progressed, even though I was only outside for about 2 hours total and before Noon, my legs continued to develop until they were coca cola can red. I was soo miserable - and it made me exceptionally hot. Needless to say, I slept miserably last night. Like a french fried whale.

Monday morning my skin was so tight and red that I had to skip the gym. I wound up going last night after work - and couldn't do all of my floor stretches because I couldn't bear to be on my knees on the floor. And I made the mistake of weighing myself just to see how much damage had been done. And damage had been done, indeed.

On top of already feeling like a pig, last night I was showing a girlfriend the pictures from the wedding (LAST YEAR) and I just cringed at how wide I was in a big fou-fou white dress. YUCK. I wonder if I can convince the Big Guy to renew our vows so I can get new pictures *grin*

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