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Opening her mouth and removing doubt
June 13, 2005

I can't believe Michael Jackson was acquitted. I guess if you're going to accuse a celebrity of those types of charges, you'd better be BEYOND reproach. Ah well - maybe the media circus can focus on something more important. Like "What's with Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes?" Cuz shudder that almost gives me the heebie jeebies as much as the thought of ol' MJ molesting little boys. This topic has, of course, been done to death so I'll avoid kicking the dead horse further.

In other news - one of my company's primary competitors in this local market contacted me* for a product management position. It would be an interesting twist to my career development. Not sure what I think of it. My mentor advised me to just go with it and see what they have to say/offer and then decide whether I'm interested. Good advice as I'm always curious to know whether the grass is greener. A couple of things trouble me - #1 they're a smaller company and #2 its a tad incestuous for comfort to go to that particular competitor. Obviously the right $ and the right position with the right potential makes the ickyness quite dim.

*No, I'm not dumb - my resume is posted anonymously with no names, or company titles posted - they contacted me via the job site, having no knowledge of me personally - just my credentials.

Otherwise, the hunt continues - no major nibbles lately although I did get called by a recruiter wanting to know if I was willing to move to Alabama. (Not unless they wanted to make me the CEO and give me THAT salary). It's always nice to be asked to dance, I suppose.

The Big Guy is home cooking me (and our neighbors) dinner tonight. He is a grill-master. Tonight's menu is new and different. Beer Can Chicken?? We'll see - he's never had a miss on the grill, so I'm sure it'll be fine. I do love it when he's home during the day, though. It means I come home to a grilled dinner (usually quite healthy since its just meat and vegetables) and with very little cleanup required (since .. outside.. grill.. etc.).

20 more minutes - wonder what else I can do to waste time today?

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You have a mentor? How did you manage to get one of those? (I like how I ask as if you can purchase one at Best Buy.)

haha.. actually she was a senior manager in my department before she retired (she's only late 40's but decided that she'd had enough of the corporate BS so now she teaches Pilates - wouldn't that be nice??)

although, did i see that you were in the ad/marcom industry? if so, I'd look into your local PRSA or IABC or AMA - all of those organizations have a "professional development" chair who might could hook you up to a senior practioner (also a very very good thing to have/know if you're considering a new job - they have connections out the yin-yang) (although it helps to be a member, will your company pay for that?).

i meet with nancy about every other month for lunch (my treat of course) but she's pretty good about responding to my e-mails when I have vents/questions/requests. (and double plus good because she actually knows all the meatheads I work with and can give me useful advice about managing them).

Well, the truth is my bosses let me go, so now I'm basically looking for a new job. I don't mind that I no longer have to work for them, but I do mind not having money. Both my education and work experience is in advertising and I'm still not convinced I want to stay in it. I would like to do something creative, but those kind of jobs don't always pay alot. But I'm going to keep a positive outlook. I'm sure something good is coming soon.

ugh - that sucks :( i would still suggest contacting those groups anyway - and check their websites (ours in KC posts job openings). also if they host lunch-n-learn type events - its like $30 for non-members but they generally announce job openings and job lookers can introduce themselves as well to the group.

at the very least, sit with people about your own age and ask them about employers - they may know someone or someplace hiring (or know that you should avoid certain employers too).

(all tactics i'm currently employing, by the way).

Also make a list of companies you might like to work for (in whatever capacity) and then start asking people you're comfortable around if they know anyone at that company they could introduce you to. Call it an informational interview, but if you do pretty well in the interview process, it might set their wheels in motion about a position.

I didn't read too far back in your archives so I'm not sure the specifics of your background, but you should also consider temping as a means to get into a company. Most of them are flexible enough that you could still interview, still make the $, and give you an in at the company in case you decide you want to work their permanently. If you're in a big enough city, most have someone in town that specializes in recruiting/placing temps for ad/marcom.

wow. this probably would have been smarter in an e-mail, but gah! hope you surf back to read the TOME. :)

gah - to read that, you wouldn't know that i'm paid to write. spelling and grammar bombs all over it!

Thanks for the advice. I'm definitely trying to network with my friends' friends. So far I've gotten pretty good leads. I'm going to stay positive and hope for the best.

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