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June 22, 2005

Turns out recruiter number 3's position is at a company I worked for prior to this one (its for the one I got laid off from - but different division) and is rather tasty. I'm pretty qualified for the position, it would get me back to where I want to be on salary, and the recruiter is very excited about putting me out there. I'm meeting her for lunch today, for our "face-to-face" meeting, although she's already sent my resume on to the hiring manager.

But then here is the kicker - today I logged into the job board, and there was my plum position being posted publicly (how alliterative!). Guh! I don't want to compete for the job - I want it to be handed to me - is that so hard to ask?? hee!

Anyway, there was another pretty juicy position posted today as well, that I could seriously compete for, as long as they overlook the "very little people-management experience" aspect. Otherwise, my energy/utility experience should at least get me the interview, I'm thinking.

All signs seem to be pointing overwhelmingly for me to stay corporate and not go agency. damn pantyhose.

In other news - I went shopping last night with my girlfriend K and played the role of personal shopper. I helped her spend like $270 in about 2 hours. Me? I came out of it with about $60 spent, but on 3 tops and a new visor. TBG pouted because I didn't buy him anything - could he be more of a kid? Ah well, he needs some new sunglasses, so I'm probably doing that this weekend. But no more spending until the trip, ya'hear? Promise.

Also? TBG had to fire one of his sales guys today. The guy was pretty cool early on, and I think TBG really ignored the problems for a little too long. But what this means is that this last week before our vacation, he's going to be working some pretty painful hours to cover the load. Should make for a golly-gee-fun start to the vacation as we take an already tired and cranky fella and put him in a car with 3 girls for 2 days. Fortunately we are taking our time to get down to Crystal Beach, so we can stop plenty and trade-off driving, but still. He already is cranky when he's cooped up in the car for too long. Maybe we should bring a flask for him for when we get to the hotel the first night.

Ok, rambling enough - 7 more days! (One week from tomorrow!!!)

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This is totally not related to your post...I just saw you on

My name is Susannah too!!! Spelled the same way (the way nobody can figure out because they are dumb dumb dumb). AND...I'm a smartass!

Okay, that's all...sorry to invade your blog. We are just so few and far between, I felt I must tell you.

Carry on...

Yay! I know - I'm forever telling people how to spell it. If I can get them through the double-n's, I throw them for a real loop on the H at the end. Not to mention that I get called everything in between: sue, susie, susan, suzanne, savannah (what?) etc.

And I've been sung to all my life. I bet you have too. Finally in the last couple of years I gave up and now when I'm introduced, I go ahead and say "as in, "Oh.." and it has helped only slightly to head them off at the pass.

Also, inexplicably - sung the "roxanne" song by the Police, the "rosanna" song by Toto, and some "roxanne roxanne, i wanna be your man" song from the mid-80s.

Glad to know I have an ally. Do you know how your parents came to that name?

don't want to compete for the job - I want it to be handed to me - is that so hard to ask??

NO. I'm in the same deal, too---just give me the job, you know you want to, hee

Absolutely! : ) So when do you find out about yours - its been a week, isn't that long enough to make a girl wait? So I guess I should amend "I want you to just GIVE me the job. And do it in a timely manner. Thanks" :)

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