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Opening her mouth and removing doubt
February 15, 2005

Wow. Blogger helped me get all that out of my system. I just wrote a whiny, apologetic entry about how I've been busy and unmotivated and uncreative so thats why I ignored my shiny new blog for 2 weeks, only 2 days after establishing it. And Blogger completely ate it. 'Talk about editorial conspiracy! Now I really have NO excuse not to get down to it.

So, here I am writing this for me, mostly. But I am writing it for "you" too. Even if "you" (or "y'all" as my Southern Heritage might belie) really means nobody at all, I am narcissistic enough to think I have something interesting to say to somebody out there — the proverbial book inside me, as it were. Although for the life of me I'm not sure what my story is. So I figure if I write down little snippets here and there, the story will emerge.

In any book's inside cover, there's a blurb about the author so here goes:

I'm in my 30's - the early ones, but not for too much longer. As I've already mentioned, I'm from the South. Houston, Texas is where I grew up, but I identify much more strongly with Austin, where I went to college and then lived for another handful of years. I've also lived in California (San Diego), Washington (Olympia), and now I'm in the midwest (Kansas City) and settled down for awhile with a nice (big) mortgage.

As I said, I'm "settled down," whatever that means. I got married in May '04, at the ripe ol' age of 32, for the first time. The Big Guy rounds me out pretty well. For my liberal, he's conservative. For my serious, he's goofy. For my book-larnin', he's street smart. (etc.) But he reminds me that I'm beautiful, sexy and intelligent - and that is what gets me out of bed every day.

He brings into my life a wonderful family - his parents that I've come to love almost as much as my own, his fabulously funny and talented sister and her man, and two wonderfully sweet, funny, (stunningly) beautiful daughters. Bug is 8, and thinks its funny when you call her a drama queen. She is very thoughtful, and is so smart about the world of grown-ups that it would break your heart. Bear is 4 and has a great "evil laugh" when she laughs with her whole body. She has complicated moods, but in the wee hours of the morning she will curl up under your chin and fall asleep and make you feel warm and protected, even though you're supposed to be the protector.

My own family (my mom and dad) are two of my very best friends. We had a rough life in our teenage years (family joke is that we grew up together because they were so young when they got married and had me). Now we are fully mature (at least somtimes..) and have learned to love and respect each other in all new ways.

I'm also a "foodie" even though that sounds pretty undignified. I love cuisines of all kinds and can spend hours with cookbooks and the food network. I'm "known" for desserts and baked goods, although I'd like to think I'm pretty good at all of it. If money were no object, I'd probably go to a culinary academy just for fun and then open a catering business or a restaurant or something.

What else about me... I am a Marketing Manager by profession - which means I do alot of hand-holding, ego-soothing, pandering, and pounding my head against my desk. I'm trained for copy-writing, graphic design, creative direction, and if anyone out there who knows of an agency looking for a new Account Services Exec or Mgr., let 'em know I'm looking. The corporate side makes me weary and I've been doing it for too long now.

That's an outline anyway. The (rest of the) devil is in the details.

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